Welcome to AFCP. Our aim is to promote education and science by supporting other charities working in fields relating to agriculture and food production to make better use of their funds.   We’re here to help any person or organisation involved in UK farming & food to make best use of available charitable and other funding and support opportunities.  If you fall into any of the four categories below then we can put you in touch with organisations which might be able help - just click on the relevant image.

Do check regularly our Latest news and opportunities section. . . it could contain just what you’re looking for!

Individuals seeking charitable funding
You’re someone looking for funding from a charity or equivalent organisation to support an educational, travel or research project


individuals seeking funding

Charities seeking other charity or funding partners
You’re a charity looking for another charity or funder with which to collaborate on funding and possibly running projects

charities seeking partners

  Latest news and opportunities

Charities seeking providers of educational or research facilities
You’re a charity looking for a “provider”, such as a college or research organisation, with which to collaborate on supporting and possibly jointly funding educational or research projects

charities seeking providers

Individuals seeking charitable help
You’re someone looking for charities able to offer personal help in a farm-related situation such as pastoral care, housing provision, domestic and financial difficulties

individuals seeking charitable help

  • Presentations from the  AFCP Annual Forum 2014 entitled “New approaches for charities to support modern FE Colleges” are now available.
  • Chief Executive's Report presented at the 2014 AGM is available
  • Information from the BBSRC Sustainable Agriculture & Research Innovation Club (SARIC)  workshop 18 June 2014 available
  • Applications being sought for AHDB studentship programme projects